D3B_3314.JPGIn early August a 14 year old girl walked through the sunny streets of a little town in England near Birmingham. She just finished her Cappuccino and dreamed about some boy she met a few days ago. Somehow she ended up in a cute little bookshop. The girl we’re talking about can spend hours just looking through books and enjoying the atmosphere. In there she stumbled over a blue handbook, which caught her attention.

“All The Bright Places – The story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die”

For the next few days this girl was caught in a different world. She couldn’t think about anything different than Violet Markeys and Theodore Finchs lives. How somehow those two remarkable and totally extraordinary humans crossed paths and how their different stories collided and became one. How in someway you can find the brightest places, where you’d never expect them. A broken boy helped a girl to find her path.

This book changed our girl. The magic about reading is to live a different life. To get ¬†completely lost in this world and to find your way out. But even though you finished it. It isn’t over. You read it and it will always be a part of you. Whenever you’d like to, you could dive back into their lives. Jennifer Niven created a masterpiece and in some ways she changed the world.

Isn’t that, what everyone wants to do?