img_1349In march this year I found myself sitting on the cold side of a street waiting. Behind me there where to girls listening to music and enjoying themselves. Next to me my best friend. We were all waiting. While freezing and being excited a cab stopped in front of us. A few men stepped out. One of them looked familiar to all of us. He was our teenage crush. Just one of us hat the balls to say hi and while he was passing us he greeted her back. This man I’m talking about is a singer and actor. He played Dan
Humphrey aka Lonely Boy in an series called Gossip Girl. I bet you heard of it!img_1214-1
It turned out he was part of a band called Mothxr and was playing before the actual band we wanted to see.
The American Alternative-Rockband The Neighbourhood. If you have no idea img_1359who I’m talking about, just look them up (Google isn’t there for nothing) believe me it’s worth it. This concert was the best I ever went to. We manage to get to the front line and Jesse almost toughed us!! There music was live even better, which is pretty rare.

If you ever get the chance to go to their (or any other artists) concert, go!! You’ll never forget it. And the moment you are there, don’t waist your time making videos all the time. Capture just a few moments and then enjoy it! Dance to the music, it’s live and loud! The perfect conditions…