There’s something I realized a while ago… Time flies away soooo fast ! And I asked myself how that happened, how sometimes, when I look back, I can’t remember what i did for days… It’s like life gets blurry and all faded out. Nothing really interesting happens.

It all has to do with the structures we have in our daily life. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work/school/college eat lunch get back to what we’ve been doing before eat dinner and maybe do something with friends/husbands/wives/boy-/girlfriends etc. and we go to bed. The next day everything starts again…

Just sometimes, when we break that pattern, we do something remember able and we look back to that moment. Why don’t we just do this all the time? Experiencing something new and exciting every day. So our lives don’t get blurry and faded..

Go out there and make memories!!!

Go and seek the Great Perhaps! -John Green

If we don’t wanna go under in today’s society and mass of information we need to change something!

Break the structures, break the pattern and live…