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We are all beautiful

And you don’t have to change a thing
The world could change it’s heart
No scars to your beautiful,
we’re stars and we’re beautiful

I wish that every young kid grows up with that message Alessia Cara put out in this world with her amazing song!


alessia cara

As I grew up, I always found a way to put myself down, because I don’t look like the modern beauty standards. My mum tried to raise me without the pressure of society, but when I got to middle school it changed. I was insecure, cause boys told me I looked like a pig, I’m too fat or too short. And my hair looks like a hurricane went trough it. Now I should know that I’m beautiful and perfect the way I am, but I still catch myself looking into the mirror and wishing I looked different, more like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. It’s so embedded in our mind, even though it should never even gotten into there. I am so thankful for Alessia for putting out this message and showing us, there is another way, a better way to treat ourselves and each other


I have hope, that their will be a generation without those struggles, where everyone is accepted the way he/she is! A world where we all love our beautiful…



The perfect Monroe

Hey there,

I wanna


honor a great woman today.  Marilyn Monroe!!! everyone heard of her. She may be dead, but she still is extraordinary. This actress is an idol for a lot of girls, even though she doesn’t fulfill the beauty measurements of our time. She never starved herself, to get a thigh gab or the “perfect” abs. But this woman is one of the most beautiful of all time.



Take her as an example and the next time someone says you can’t do it or you’re to fat or anything of that kind. Think of this woman, tell the person in front of you, that you won’t be taken back by his senseless comment, that every hater is a motivation to go on (yet from another extraordinary woman).



Marilyn may not be alive anymore, but she will always be the most sexy woman alive and a reminder for all of us to love our body the way it is and to feel beautiful!

Everyone is worth it…


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