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I wanna be part of Eleanor and Park

Imagine us three reading comics and listening to music together. The making out is all theirs but I wanna be part of the friend clique with Eleanor and Park... The story itself is beautifully written and just so cute. It's... Continue Reading →


“Hidden Figures” should never be hidden again

Well... I've wanted to write about this movie ever since I've watched it in 2016, but I did not know how to write about something this important without screwing it up. So here it comes... First of all I have... Continue Reading →

The Neighbourhood is on

In march this year I found myself sitting on the cold side of a street waiting. Behind me there where to girls listening to music and enjoying themselves. Next to me my best friend. We were all waiting. While freezing... Continue Reading →

Loving all those bright places

In early August a 14 year old girl walked through the sunny streets of a little town in England near Birmingham. She just finished her Cappuccino and dreamed about some boy she met a few days ago. Somehow she ended... Continue Reading →

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