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Ni hao China

I wrote a few pages of my trip to China and realised it was pretty boring so I decides to just show you guys a few pictures. I went there more than one year ago and it was the best time I had so far. My school organised the exchange, so I had the chance to visit a foreign country with my friends and just a few teachers. To everyone who ever gets a chance like that, take it and never let it go!

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Things you might find normal are pretty extraordinary for me…

I’m a country girl…

We did way more things in the 2 weeks, but it was a ¬†year ago and I wasn’t a great photographer back then . (I’m still not)

Winter is coming…

d3b_3205I just realized it’s almost Christmas (in my opinion it starts, when I hear Last Christmas on the radio for the first time) and I looked trough pictures I took last year… Since I live near the Alps it snows a lot.

d3b_3261The thing I love about this time of the year is, that no matter what it’s always quiet and peaceful. The days get shorter and the hours of coffee, rewatching your favorite series and reading, get longer than ever. Creating snowmen and sometimes even igloos with your d3b_3244family and friends.

The greatest childhood memories I’ve got are full of snow and frozen feet. Skiing is one of my favorite sports and I haven’t even started about Christmas markets. Hours of looking trough useless but cute stuff and drinking hot punch… Who doesn’t love that?


And have I told you about those snow-shootings I love to do? You have the chance to dress up as Elsa or Little Red Riding Hood! Trowing snow in the air or making snow angles..dsc_0946.

Don’t you thing that Christmas is the best feast of the year? It’s a holiday to spend with your family. Sitting around a tree filled with candles and singing together…

Winter is the season of love…

Love to give and to get


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