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the world


... it is an amazing word.  In German you can just put two words together and you create a new one. For example wanderlust... "Wandern" means hiking or traveling and "lust" means a desire or great pleasure. Therefore wanderlust means... Continue Reading →


The city of dragons

Have you seen 'The Hobbit' or 'Game of Thrones'? No?!? Where have u been living?!? Probably on earth... Well the most important part of them are the dragons!!! Well at least in my opinion... A lot of cultures had them... Continue Reading →

Ni hao China

I wrote a few pages of my trip to China and realised it was pretty boring so I decides to just show you guys a few pictures. I went there more than one year ago and it was the best... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming…

I just realized it's almost Christmas (in my opinion it starts, when I hear Last Christmas on the radio for the first time) and I looked trough pictures I took last year... Since I live near the Alps it snows... Continue Reading →

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