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The truth. Just 2 words and so many feelings behind them. I never really thought about it in a deeper sense. I always thought of myself as a honest person, I never lied to people on purpose. But that was just about simple things.

A while ago I suddenly had the urge to tell someone how I truly felt. But then I realised that I don’t know who I should tell. With my best friend I never really talk about deep stuff. The person I talked to before doesn’t talk to me anymore (more about that in No good in goodbyes). And the girl I see more as a sister than a friend, has her own problems and every time I want to talk to her we end up talking about her. It’s so frustrating! I wanna share but I have no one to share it with! So I lie. I tell them I am just fine and bury my feelings deep inside.

So I thought about this blog I started a while ago and kinda abandoned. It was meant to be an inspiration to love but what if I could make it a save space for everyone to load their feelings of and find help and love…

Everyone who wants to can write their honest feelings and problems in an email and I will answer and share it.

Share and love…




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Why do we have all those structures?

There’s something I realized a while ago… Time flies away soooo fast ! And I asked myself how that happened, how sometimes, when I look back, I can’t remember what i did for days… It’s like life gets blurry and all faded out. Nothing really interesting happens.

It all has to do with the structures we have in our daily life. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work/school/college eat lunch get back to what we’ve been doing before eat dinner and maybe do something with friends/husbands/wives/boy-/girlfriends etc. and we go to bed. The next day everything starts again…

Just sometimes, when we break that pattern, we do something remember able and we look back to that moment. Why don’t we just do this all the time? Experiencing something new and exciting every day. So our lives don’t get blurry and faded..

Go out there and make memories!!!

Go and seek the Great Perhaps! -John Green

If we don’t wanna go under in today’s society and mass of information we need to change something!

Break the structures, break the pattern and live…

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The city of dragons

Have you seen ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘Game of Thrones’? No?!? Where have u been living?!? Probably on earth… Well the most important part of them are the dragons!!!

Well at least in my opinion…

A lot of cultures had them even before they met and you wanna tell me they aren’t real?!? Well I’ve been to the city of Dragons! It’s in the middle of Europe. In Slovenia to be exact and they made it their capital!



Ljubljana is a very delicate and beautiful city! It has amazing architecture from this one guy who is like the Da Vinci of buildings, but don’t ask me cause I really have no idea about that kinda stuff! All I know is what the tourist lady said and what I saw (and that was frigging beautiful!!) So apparently the legend says that this mayor had a pretty huge problem in form of a dragon and promised his virgin daughter to whomever wants to kill that amazing creature. So some dude, who became saint later on, searched for an adventure and went up the hill to the hiding spot of the dragon and fought with him for a while until he pushed his spear down the animals throat into the heart (don’t really know if that’s possible) and killed him. Fortunately at that moment the earth opened and the dragon fell down a hole after that it closed again so no one saw the dead dragon. That saint guy didn’t wanna marry a virgin cause that might be boring so he went on and did some other amazing stuff and became saint of something.


That city got a few other dragon myth leading back into the roman era so that’s pretty awesome and they still have a fountain of that time standing in the castle… Now it’s being used for some cables so they got energy up their but who cares. I mean it’s just over 2000 years old and still intact!


In general what I noticed is, that in Ljubljana live a lot of young folks, so the club scene is huge! Along the river are a lot of bars and stuff and at night it looks so magical with all those lights! Aaaaaand they are fabulous at making gelato (fancy Italian name for ice cream) and cakes and coffee and just sweet things in general! They have this really cool food marked every Friday evening, where all the local restaurants have their own booth and you can taste food of all those different cultures in one place.


In a nutshell I LOVE IT!!!!! And I’ll definitely gonna come back with my gurls to party!

See you soon and share love

… just an ordinary girl

We are all beautiful

And you don’t have to change a thing
The world could change it’s heart
No scars to your beautiful,
we’re stars and we’re beautiful

I wish that every young kid grows up with that message Alessia Cara put out in this world with her amazing song!


alessia cara

As I grew up, I always found a way to put myself down, because I don’t look like the modern beauty standards. My mum tried to raise me without the pressure of society, but when I got to middle school it changed. I was insecure, cause boys told me I looked like a pig, I’m too fat or too short. And my hair looks like a hurricane went trough it. Now I should know that I’m beautiful and perfect the way I am, but I still catch myself looking into the mirror and wishing I looked different, more like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. It’s so embedded in our mind, even though it should never even gotten into there. I am so thankful for Alessia for putting out this message and showing us, there is another way, a better way to treat ourselves and each other


I have hope, that their will be a generation without those struggles, where everyone is accepted the way he/she is! A world where we all love our beautiful…


Ni hao China

I wrote a few pages of my trip to China and realised it was pretty boring so I decides to just show you guys a few pictures. I went there more than one year ago and it was the best time I had so far. My school organised the exchange, so I had the chance to visit a foreign country with my friends and just a few teachers. To everyone who ever gets a chance like that, take it and never let it go!

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Things you might find normal are pretty extraordinary for me…

I’m a country girl…

We did way more things in the 2 weeks, but it was a  year ago and I wasn’t a great photographer back then . (I’m still not)

Winter is coming…

d3b_3205I just realized it’s almost Christmas (in my opinion it starts, when I hear Last Christmas on the radio for the first time) and I looked trough pictures I took last year… Since I live near the Alps it snows a lot.

d3b_3261The thing I love about this time of the year is, that no matter what it’s always quiet and peaceful. The days get shorter and the hours of coffee, rewatching your favorite series and reading, get longer than ever. Creating snowmen and sometimes even igloos with your d3b_3244family and friends.

The greatest childhood memories I’ve got are full of snow and frozen feet. Skiing is one of my favorite sports and I haven’t even started about Christmas markets. Hours of looking trough useless but cute stuff and drinking hot punch… Who doesn’t love that?


And have I told you about those snow-shootings I love to do? You have the chance to dress up as Elsa or Little Red Riding Hood! Trowing snow in the air or making snow angles..dsc_0946.

Don’t you thing that Christmas is the best feast of the year? It’s a holiday to spend with your family. Sitting around a tree filled with candles and singing together…

Winter is the season of love…

Love to give and to get


The Neighbourhood is on

img_1349In march this year I found myself sitting on the cold side of a street waiting. Behind me there where to girls listening to music and enjoying themselves. Next to me my best friend. We were all waiting. While freezing and being excited a cab stopped in front of us. A few men stepped out. One of them looked familiar to all of us. He was our teenage crush. Just one of us hat the balls to say hi and while he was passing us he greeted her back. This man I’m talking about is a singer and actor. He played Dan
Humphrey aka Lonely Boy in an series called Gossip Girl. I bet you heard of it!img_1214-1
It turned out he was part of a band called Mothxr and was playing before the actual band we wanted to see.
The American Alternative-Rockband The Neighbourhood. If you have no idea img_1359who I’m talking about, just look them up (Google isn’t there for nothing) believe me it’s worth it. This concert was the best I ever went to. We manage to get to the front line and Jesse almost toughed us!! There music was live even better, which is pretty rare.

If you ever get the chance to go to their (or any other artists) concert, go!! You’ll never forget it. And the moment you are there, don’t waist your time making videos all the time. Capture just a few moments and then enjoy it! Dance to the music, it’s live and loud! The perfect conditions…




The perfect Monroe

Hey there,

I wanna


honor a great woman today.  Marilyn Monroe!!! everyone heard of her. She may be dead, but she still is extraordinary. This actress is an idol for a lot of girls, even though she doesn’t fulfill the beauty measurements of our time. She never starved herself, to get a thigh gab or the “perfect” abs. But this woman is one of the most beautiful of all time.



Take her as an example and the next time someone says you can’t do it or you’re to fat or anything of that kind. Think of this woman, tell the person in front of you, that you won’t be taken back by his senseless comment, that every hater is a motivation to go on (yet from another extraordinary woman).



Marilyn may not be alive anymore, but she will always be the most sexy woman alive and a reminder for all of us to love our body the way it is and to feel beautiful!

Everyone is worth it…


Loving all those bright places

D3B_3314.JPGIn early August a 14 year old girl walked through the sunny streets of a little town in England near Birmingham. She just finished her Cappuccino and dreamed about some boy she met a few days ago. Somehow she ended up in a cute little bookshop. The girl we’re talking about can spend hours just looking through books and enjoying the atmosphere. In there she stumbled over a blue handbook, which caught her attention.

“All The Bright Places – The story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die”

For the next few days this girl was caught in a different world. She couldn’t think about anything different than Violet Markeys and Theodore Finchs lives. How somehow those two remarkable and totally extraordinary humans crossed paths and how their different stories collided and became one. How in someway you can find the brightest places, where you’d never expect them. A broken boy helped a girl to find her path.

This book changed our girl. The magic about reading is to live a different life. To get  completely lost in this world and to find your way out. But even though you finished it. It isn’t over. You read it and it will always be a part of you. Whenever you’d like to, you could dive back into their lives. Jennifer Niven created a masterpiece and in some ways she changed the world.

Isn’t that, what everyone wants to do?

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